At Guava Babe we are making a conscious effort to become an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical brand. While we recognise that being completely sustainable is something that will take time, we are fully committed to this process and already have steps in place to ensure our footprint is as green as our fave lime L.A swimsuit!


All of our solid colour bikinis are created using an innovative fabric called Amni Soul Eco®. This fabric has been developed to enable garments to quickly decompose when disposed of correctly in landfill (and not before!), making the garments eco-friendly. While other garments take decades to decompose, it only takes Amni Soul Eco® about 3 years to disappear from the planet, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring a better world for future generations. Further benefits of this sustainable yarn are its inherent properties of softness, breathability, durability and performance.

Find out more about Amni Soul Eco®


We have chosen to use an eco-friendly printing technique called sublimation printing. In this method, heat-activated dyes are used to transfer prints from the source to textile by the process of sublimation. This printing method is an environmentally conscious design process as it results in absolutely zero waste! Unlike many other dyeing processes which waste large amounts of water, sublimation printing requires no water and uses safe dye based inks.


We are committed to using compostable, biodegradable and natural packaging throughout our supply chain. We use 100% natural fibre drawstring bags to package our swimwear. These are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic polybags and can be re-used at home for storage. (jewellery & accessories fit really well!)

Due to trade regulations, we are required to ship all garments in bags. By swapping to compostable and biodegradable packaging, we save thousands of single-use plastic bags from entering the environment. We have chosen to partner with Hero Packaging, a supplier of zero waste mailers made of cornstarch and cassava roots which leave no waste or toxins behind!

Ethical Practices

At Guava Babe we are dedicated to ethically producing all of our garments. This is why we have chosen to have all of our products hand made with love in Brazil. Our manufacturer exclusively sources our high quality, luxury fabrics from a local family run supplier. This means that the production of all Guava Babe styles is done locally in one region and we can trace the source of all fabrics and finishes.

Our manufacturer is committed to working with a diverse range of people, supplying a clean and safe working environment, while paying all garment workers above the minimum wage.

Ethical and eco-friendly production is at the core of the Guava Babe beliefs.

For a better world, with better tan lines!

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