20 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Look Out For In 2020

20 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Look Out For In 2020

‘Sustainable’, ‘eco’ and ‘ethical’ are huge buzzwords in the fashion industry right now. With the new decade we, as consumers, are becoming more and more educated on the textile industry and its impact both environmentally and socially. 


Customers want to know how their garments are made, which textiles are used and where will they end up? Even asking who made my clothes and are they paid a fair wage? With this awakening brands are being forced to become more accountable and transparent with their supply chain and manufacturing process. (And about time!)


The fashion industry has even seen a surge in independent labels who are dedicated to a slower fashion movement. Who have sustainability and ethical practices at their core. Without compromising on quality or unique design!


Here are some of our favourites to look out for in 2020.

Enjoy shopping with a clear conscience!

Reformation - 20 sustainable fashion brands in 2020

  1. Reformation


Los Angeles based brand Reformation is well known for their unique effortlessly cool style. Ref is dedicated to sustainability, predominantly using recyclable or organic fibres in their collections. Stating that around 15% of their products are produced from ‘deadstock & vintage’ clothing, diverting these materials from the landfill.


Reusing, re-making and re-imagining this clothing into on-trend styles perfect for your closet.


Ref also offers free express shipping on all orders.

Convenience, sustainability and style, the perfect combination.

Spell & the gypsy collective - 20 fashion brands in 2020

2.   Spell & The Gypsy Collective


For the modern Bohemian.


The Spell designs are like no other, creating feminine flowing styles that are perfect for a summer evening. Taking inspiration from travel and times-gone-by to create collections that hint to freedom and unleashing the female spirit.


Spell is dedicated to becoming a conscious fashion brand and strives to minimise their impact on the environment in the process. To achieve this goal they are committed to providing transparency within their supply chain, using sustainable fibres, social advocacy and giving back through charitable donations.

Hansen and Gretel - 20 fashion brands in 2020

3.  Hansen and Gretel 


Hansen and Gretel produce classic styles with an innovative approach. Merging worlds of art and style to create designs that are both quirky and playful. With a focus on creating wearable pieces that become “forever” styles in their customers closet.


Striving to deliver collections that pioneer sustainability while making a conscious effort to incorporate sustainable practices into all aspects of the business. From fabric sourcing and manufacturing to operational mindset and business structure. 

Bassike - 20 fashion brands in 2020

4.  Bassike


Australia’s favourite basics label. Their simple yet flattering styles are perfect for every season; a considered edit of certified organic cotton jersey t.shirts and pants made locally in Australia. 


With a huge commitment to sustainability since they launched in 2006, Bassike states that ‘for us, sustainability means treating people and the planet with respect’. Bassike consciously develop styles that are made to last both in their timeless style and quality in their finish.

Boyish Jeans - 20 fashion brands in 2020

5.   Boyish Jeans 


With a focus on quality, fit and authentic washes Boyish Jeans deliver cool vintage silhouettes with a modern update. Think California cool.


With sustainability and social change as their core values, Boyish work with only ethical manufacturers, use less harmful chemicals during the dyeing process and use one-third of the amount of water typically needed to produce a pair of jeans. 


Because buying a new pair of epic jeans should be an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process.

Love Shack Fancy - 20 fashion brands in 2020

6.  Love Shack Fancy


Inspired by vintage finds Love Shack Fancy creates gorgeously delicate and feminine styles that are flattering and enchanting. Perfect for that romantic holiday or creating a dreamlike moment.


Committing to never wasting any fabrics by using any scraps and scrapes to create trims or elements of limited edition accessories like bags and bracelets. More recently they have vouched to use organic fabrics and vegetable dyes in their production.

Nimble Activewear - 20 fashion brands in 2020

7.   Nimble


Quality activewear that feels great. Nimble is known for their funky prints and super soft fabrics. Sweat sustainably.


Nimble custom engineer their fabrics, using textiles that are made from post-consumer use recycled plastic bottles. 


Nimble are also committed to giving back, with every online order they donate $1 to a charity of your selection at checkout, you can even track its impact!

Posse - 20 fashion brands in 2020

8.   Posse 


Re-defining vintage for the modern woman. This Australian-based brand was born with the desire to make timeless pieces. With a ‘less is more’ philosophy, Posse believes in slow fashion and manufactures with ethical and sustainable practices.

Isabelle Quinn - 20 fashion brands in 2020

9.  Isabelle Quinn


For the romantic, the unconventional and the carefree modern girl.


Isabelle Quinn creates styles that are flirty and feminine with the philosophy to uplift and empower. From essential basics to sexy mesh midi dresses, Isabelle Quinn delivers styles that are flattering on the body and easily styled to create a stand-out look.


With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices you can buy from Isabelle Quinn with the knowledge that your garment was made with environmentally humble, safe and socially responsible workplaces.

Guava Babe - 20 fashion brands in 2020

10. Guava Babe 


Bondi brand Guava Babe, is a flirty and fun label who create swimwear styles that are flattering on the body. With bold colours and quirky prints Guava Babe doesn’t take itself too seriously.


With a nod to the Brazilian cheeky bottom style and 80s inspired one piece swimsuits this Australian swimwear label create gorgeous styles that will help you to feel confident on the beach.


Sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of their beliefs, using biodegradable fabrics that are less harmful to the environment. They also manufacture all collections ethically in Brazil, with much emphasis placed on creating high-quality swimwear that will last season after season.


Plus they offer free shipping Australia wide!

House Of Sunny - 20 fashion brands in 2020

11. House Of Sunny


British fashion brand House Of Sunny thoroughly believe in the slow fashion movement, only producing 2 collections per year giving their designers longer to find the most sustainable options for each item of clothing. They produce collections that are sustainable, high quality and made to last. The label has a no fur, leather, skins or silk policy.

Natalie Rolt - 20 fashion brands in 2020

12. Natalie Rolt 


Natalie Rolt designs a range of evening wear and resort wear. Think feminine silhouettes that are sleek and timeless.


With a focus on sustainability and transparency, each evening dress is made to order and hand crafted in their studio in WA, Australia. Meaning every individual gown, dress or separate is handcrafted especially for you.

Afends Hemp Denim - 20 fashion brands in 2020

13. Afends


Byron Bay brand Afends started as a business for printing band merch for Punk and Hardcore bands. Today they have incorporated the easy surf and skateboarding style to create a brand that is perfect for your day-to-day relaxed clothing attire.


More recently they have launched a range of Hemp clothing with the intention of using the most sustainable fabric available.

Nudie Denim - 20 fashion brands in 2020

14. Nudie Jeans


With a true belief that jeans should stand the test of time, Nudie jeans are not designed to be used a few times and thrown away, but to become a part of yourself, a second skin.


Each pair has no extra treatment of washes, made with 100% organic cotton. Nudie also promise free repairs and only work with suppliers who share their values. 

Veja - 20 fashion brands in 2020

15. Veja


Refusing to choose between design and social responsibility Veja is a vegan leather sneaker brand who are committed to driving social change through the production of ethical and sustainable sneakers.


Veja manufactures sneakers using the most ecological materials available and works solely with ethical suppliers. Some sneaker models even use recycled plastic bottles by making a waterproof mesh, removing bottles from the streets of Rio, Brazil!

Saroka - 20 fashion brands in 2020

16. Saroka 


Saroka was born from a desire to be inclusive of all women, creating styles that are flattering on all shapes and sizes. Catering for sizes 6-16 and accurately representing how each garment will look on the body by choosing to shoot on a variety of women.


The female figure is always at the forefront of design as is their focus on slow and sustainable fashion. All pieces are handmade in Australia and are made to order, eliminating excess fabric and stock waste.

Faithfull the brand - 20 fashion brands in 2020

17. Faithful The Brand


Born from a love of travel Faithfull produce garments that are beautifully elegant. Combining pretty floral prints with simple dresses to create holiday inspired pieces in every girls summer vacay dreams. 


‘Each Faithfull garment is carefully designed, sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia, by using handmade techniques such as hand-dying and hand printing.’

With a focus on integrity and community, ethical practices are at their core.

P.E. Nation - 20 fashion brands in 2020

18. P.E. Nation 


Looking for fun activewear in bold colours, flattering silhouettes and a nod to retro-fashion? Then look no further than this Uber-chic Aussie label. Known for their bold stripes and colour blocking across all collections.


P.E. Nation has taken a turn towards more sustainable practices, offering some recycled, sustainable, low-impact, conscious and compostable options in their most recent collections. On top of that, P.E are part of the movement to support and empower modern day women!

Matteau - 20 fashion brands in 2020

19. Matteau 


Simple and considered. This mantra is seen through every part of the Matteau design process, resulting in gorgeous pieces that are both effortlessly chic and timeless. Less really is more.


Matteau promises a commitment to sustainability and conscious business practices. Sourcing materials from regenerative, organic, renewable and recycled sources. While designing with emphasis placed on creating long-lasting, timeless pieces that are high quality and durable.

Zulu & Zephyr - 20 fashion brands in 2020

20. Zulu & Zephyr 


Made for the sun, the salt & the sea. Zulu and Zephyr is an Australian lifestyle brand who design gorgeous, elegant and cool pieces. Their collections are timeless and effortlessly chic. 


Zulu and Zephyr are committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, ethical practice and even 'giving back' by supporting a number of charities close to their heart.

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